Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aloha Oe Kathy--Until we meet again

Kathy passed away this afternoon with the same grace and peace that exemplified her life. It was an unexpected ending to an emotional, terrifying and spiritual three weeks. I would like to thank our kids for regularly updating this blog so that Kathy's friends and family could share her life. I would also like to add my perspective and share two personal experiences that bracket these three weeks.

First, thank you all for the loving letters, emails, phone calls, travel to Hawaii, gifts, cards, face book postings, flowers, chocolates, cookies, candy grams and edible arrangements (fruit bouquets). Each one brought smiles and priceless memories to both of us. Thank you for the concern, prayers, and well wishes. They meant a lot to her and they mean a lot to me, now. Thank you.

Three weeks ago Kathy and I were volunteer guides at the Mormon Temple in La'ie, Hawaii. It had been closed 2 years for renovations. Prior to reopening for religious uses, the temple was open to the public and we thought it would be fun to participate as guides. Each tour began on the first floor and ended at the top of the temple in a marriage or 'sealing' room. Mormons believe that a marriage performed in the temple does not end at death, but will endure through all eternity. Kathy and I had the opportunity to stand before several groups that day and tell how 40 years before, we were married to each other forever. On our drive back home we both commented on how special the reminder was. We recommitted our love to each other--forever. Early the next morning Kathy had the "MRI" and diagnosis. After the shock wave passed, she told me how the terrible news was softened by the comfort and sweetness we experienced in the temple the day before.

That was just three weeks ago. Yesterday, was a full day day of visits, laughter and family. Kathy felt well and asked me when I was going to break down and take her to Tahiti. During the night she awoke and asked me to hold her. After some time she said, "I'm going now. I love you forever." She slipped into a comma and passed away peacefully a few hours later.

She loved life and the adventures it brought. She loved her family and rejoiced in their growth and accomplishments. She was loved for being an example, for her kindness, selflessness and compassion. She will be missed.

Walking through life with you Kathy, has been a wonderful and rich journey.


Hawaii Funeral Services will be held on
Tuesday, Nov. 23, 2010
Viewing 5-7pm; Services 7pm
Hawaii Kai LDS Church Building
219 Lunalilo Home Road
Honolulu, HI 96825
More Info: 602-818-2471

Utah Funeral Service
Wednesday, December 29, 2010
Chapel Service 11:00am
Lunch and visiting to follow for all
Ashley Park LDS Church Building
10312 Ashley Park Dr (2130 E)
Sandy, Utah 84092

Monday, November 15, 2010

Successful Biopsy

Hi all- Kari here again. The boys and their families have all departed to their homes in their respective parts of the world. Thanks to everyone for coming-mom talks constantly of her beautiful grandkids and great kids! We are lucky to have each other and this time to enjoy the blessings around us.
An update on Mom-Today she had a biopsy on the brain tumor. The procedure went well and Mom is already home and eating lunch. The Drs told mom to expect a night in the hospital before returning home-so we are grateful to have Mom home only two hours after the surgery! The Dr confirmed that the tumor IS a Glioblastoma--the final results will be given in 2 days but he told Dad that the prilimary results were conclusive enough to determine this. If anything changes-I'll let you know :)
Thank you for all the prayers, good thoughts, treats, chocolates-we all have felt so much love and support through this and can't say thank you enough! Love to you all! Kari

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day...

Saturday morning Mom and Dad met with Hospice care to discuss options and expectations. It's sobering enough to have such a meeting to discuss the care of an aging parent - but to have the discussion regarding one's self must be an incredibly trying experience. I asked Mom how it went and she just smiled and said, "It went wonderfully."

We took our kids to Bellows beach for the afternoon with the plan for Mom and Dad to meet us there when they were ready, but Mom got tired and needed a nap so instead we met up with them for Dinner and watched the sun-set from the back patio.


This entry covers the span of 4 days Tuesday through Friday November 12th.

Greg, Pete and Ashlie and kids left Friday evening back for the mainland. It was a lot of fun for Mom to watch her grandkids playing with each other, and she received lots of love and hugs throughout the week.
At Kailua Beach the kids had a great time sand-boarding down the dunes, each had a taste of success, intermingled with sand.
The crabs were plentiful and tenacious, Mom cheered us on and insisted that we capture this moment in time of a crab doing pull-ups. This week Mom's favorite activity was sitting on the beach watching her grandkids play in the sand and surf.
Morgan gave Grandma a backscratch and then gave her a big hug afterwards.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


What a wonderful treat we received today from the nurses of Banner Gateway. Thank you so much for the edible bouquet. Kathy was tickled and misses her old work and the wonderful people at Banner. Next to chocolate, these edible bouquets have become quite the hit with having the whole family's always hard to take the first piece because it's so pretty, but once the first piece of fruit is eaten it disappears quickly. Thanks Banner nurses again for your thoughts and friendship for Kathy.

...And for other news, mom wanted me to let everyone know she will be having a biopsy on Monday. Thanks to everyone who has called and sent their love and prayers. Mom has really been enjoying talking with friends from when they lived in Arizona and Oregon.

A Nice Visit with Friends

Last night mom had friends from work over and really had a nice visit with all of them. Thank you everyone who came and visited with Kathy. We know it is a drive to get here and there were many phone calls to help people find our home. It was such a pleasant night filled with laughter, good food and more chocolate. Mom couldn't have asked for anything better...thank you

Of course she still can't keep her hands off the babies

Monday, November 8, 2010

Today we were blessed to start the day off with a wonderful sunrise out on the lanai. Dad cooked blueberry pancakes while Ellie and I(Greg) provided the entertainment on the stand up paddle board.

Ellie was a natural and took off before I could give her "paddle boarding 101"

I heard neither Kari, nor Dan fell in while paddle boarding and made sure I got "paddle boarding 101, 202 and" my dad pushed me off and told me to quit being a baby, no one ever falls in. The nerves almost got the best of me but I made it out dry.

[imagine pics or really cool fish from our hanauma bay trip in the morning. We made it to the the bay with Dad's fun underwater camera but left the battery charging at home]

Joy Monahan and her husband and sister took us surfing today. They were aweseome and spent a lot of time with the adults and kids letting us have all the fun. I wish we could have seen her surf, but she was too busy pushing all of us into waves and giving us coaching lessons. Thank you so much Joy, Drew and Kristin (sorry if I misspelled your names)

By the end Jeff looked like a big wave surfer (minus the big wave)

Sydney made it look like she's been surfing for years

And Thomas and Sam were showing everybody up by going double.
Today was a lot of fun playing with cousins and letting mom have a little break. Scott(the oldest) left for home to take care of his family today and we wish him a safe return. We have truly been blessed by an outpouring of love toward mom and dad and want to thank everyone who is praying, has sent a note, called, dropped by the house and for the many other kind acts which have been done for our family.